• We are proud to confirm the Technical Workshop on additive manufacturing, with demonstrations in the site of the conference (everyday, at the end of lunch breaks) and hands-on-training sessions in the premises of INSA-Lyon (a walking distance from the congress centre).

    The workshop is co-organised with our Diamond sponsor 3D CERAM and the participation of LITHOZ, CONCR3DE and NANO-e.

    Demonstrations will be done directly in the Exhibition hall: 
    • Monday 3 July, at 14:00 - LITHOZ - Booth #33
    • Tuesday 4 July, at 14:00 - 3DCERAM - Booth #41
    • Wednesday 5 July, at 13:30 - CONCR3DE - Booth #36
    • Thursday 6 July, at 14:00 - NANO-e - Booth #1

    The hands-on-training will consist of three afternoon sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00), for which one person will be able to train on one technology. They will be held at INSA-Lyon (a walking distance from the congress centre)

    The number of attendees will be limited (8-10 trainees per technology per day)!  The attendance to the workshop is free of additional charges and included in your registration to the congress.
    The previous registration deadline (16 June) has been extended for certain sessions and additive manufacturing technologies.


    3DCERAM is offering different technologies for the 3D printing of technical ceramics, thanks to its 20 years of experience: Stereolithography and M.A.T (Multi Additive Technology), an entry level machine which can use Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), CNC and Robocasting. During our workshop, you will participate in every step of the 3D printing of parts by stereolithography, from the design of the support to the starting of the machine, from the platform construction to the cleaning of parts. You will use a C101-LAB machine with its 100 by 100mm platform and be shown the SAM (Small Amount of Material) equipment which has been developed to start a printing run with 10mL of slurry, ideal for any materials development. Have a glance at the technology, our training program and explore the possibilities offered by this open parameters SLA machine designed for research and development. You will also see the endless possibilities of the M.A.T.  


    Don’t miss the 3D Printing “Hands-on” Lithoz CeraFab Workshop.
    Learn how to change platform, vat and material in only 5 minutes, and how to start the printing process. Watch closely how precisely the LCM technology works and discover more about impressive productivity and minimal material use, ideal platform arrangement and the entire digital workflow.
    The workshop will be held with the CeraFab Lab printer, Lithoz’s entry model for research and small series production.


    Binder jetting is a reference additive manufacturing technology for large parts and high throughput production of oxide and non-oxide technical ceramics. CONCR3DE offers 2 unique printers: the Armadillo Blue for preconfigured materials, and the Armadillo White, an open research platform on which all kinds of innovative materials can be printed.
    During the workshop session you will get a closer look at the Armadillo White and the material development process for binder jetting. Our experts will give you a preview on how to adjust material parameters and develop custom printing materials for your unique application. The workshop will have limited attendance so reserve your spot now and dig deeper in the incredible possibilities of binder jetting 3D printing!
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    Learn and practice with Zetamix, the French ceramic and metal filaments brand! These filaments, compatible with FFF printers, make available a wide variety of material: Alumina, Zirconia, Black Zirconia, 316L, H13 steel and SiC. Suitable for tooling, prototyping, or spare parts production, the green parts printed with these filaments need to be post-processed to reach their final density.
    During this session, our team of ceramic and 3D printing experts will share their knowledge, expertise and insights to provide you with methods you can practice instantly using the technology. From how to make an STL file to how to print Zirconia, this workshop is open to a limited number of attendees, so be sure to get your laptop, mouse and slicer ready and reserve your spot as soon as registrations are open!
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